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Wireless Internet

High-speed connectivity a frustrating dream?

Not with our wireless broadband and leased line replacement services .

Whilst we all have very different connectivity needs, one is common to us all; to realise a high-speed and low-cost service. We believe the location of your home or business, should have no bearing on the quality and range of services you can choose from.

Here at TomCom, this belief is part of our ‘DNA’ and our range of connectivity products are tailor made for customers who live and work in even the most remote areas. You may be living in a ‘Not’ spot or a ‘Slow Spot’ and just want a fast, reliable home broadband service, or possibly you are a business looking for high-speed Dedicated Internet Access; you might even be in the Public Sector, and are looking for options to reduce cost through Leased Line Replacement Services. Whatever your particular need, we have the solution.

First and foremost, we’re a Wireless Internet Service Provider (also known as a WISP), in fact, one of the UK’s fastest growing. It’s no accident that we count on wireless to deliver our services; for it’s range of speed, flexibility and reliability, it’s simply unbeatable. We use it in every part of our network, from replacing outdated ADSL copper lines to homes, to providing Business Resilience and ‘Leased line’ connections over fully licensed, Ethernet based wireless links.

So no matter where you are; you now have choice, thanks to TomCom.

Please see below the areas we are currently serving;


2.Burton Latimer