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Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS)

Enables businesses to quickly realise the full potential and benefits associated with virtual desktop (VDI) environments – reduced deployment complexity; improved management; increased security and compliance; and superior end-user productivity. TomCom’s DaaS can provide all of these benefits without the need for capital expenditure and complicated systems integration when you build and deploy customised internal solutions.

The change from a capital expenditure to operating expenditure also brings cash flow and tax benefits. The TomCom DaaS solution allows companies to directly apportion a cost per user in a scalable and controllable manner.

TomCom’s platform was built from the ground up for the delivery of desktops and applications as a Cloud service to any user, anywhere, on any device. The service uses best-in-class compute power from HP & Intel. TomCom’s DaaS offering can be connected securely and privately to your internal Network, behind your firewall, and safely away from the threats and exposure of the Internet, giving you the look and feel of your own premier VDI environment, in an Easy-as-a-Service model.

This leading edge environment delivers scalability and resilience as standard with performance related price points to surpass end user expectations and deliver a centrally managed, risk adverse, globally accessible solution, all from one simple control panel and covered by a single end to end SLA.